Steering & Suspension Repairs

Retain full control of your vehicle.

Your vehicle's steering and suspension system are very important as they allow you to retain control while driving. For a safe, accident-free ride, all components must be in working condition. If something's out of whack with your vehicle's steering or suspension, visit GAPS Automotive for comprehensive repairs and replacement services! Sometimes steering and suspension services are needed as a result of an accident, trust us to work with your insurance company and handle all the necessary paperwork.


Comprehensive Steering and Suspension Services

  • Alignment
  • Ball Joint and Tie Rod
  • Bushings
  • Power Steering Pumps and Hoses
  • Rack and Pinion
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Spindles
  • Stabilizer Links
  • Steering Gears
  • Sway Bar
  • Wheel Hub and Bearings

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